Cold Extract Specialty Freeze Dried Instant Coffee | 2 gm per cup | Medium roast | Hot / Cold Brew | Hand Brewed Style Coffee in 15 sec – Have it as Black Coffee or with Milk / Juice| No Equipment Needed | Travel Pack | 100% Specialty Coffee

Popular Dip Bag Series :
👉🏻 Yellow Cup:
Anaerobic Arabica Naturals, Var.: Catuai, Alt.: 1300m
Cup Notes: Blueberry, Cinnamon cookie, Perfumed Floral, Pear.
👉🏻 Black Cup: Specialty Arabica Yirgacheffe Washed, Var.: Heirloom, Alt.: 1900m.
Cup Notes: Bright lime acidity, Jasmine, berries.
👉🏻 Blue Cup: Anaerobic Robusta Naturals, Var.: S.274, Alt.:1200m.
Cup Notes: Sweet mellow, Red wine bitter, tobacco, Tea, Avocado.

👉🏻Specialty Cold Extraction: Crafted from specialty beans, extracted at low temperatures for 8-12 hours, preserving rich aroma.
👉🏻Instant Dissolution: Rapidly dissolves in hot or cold water within 10 seconds, ensuring quick and easy preparation.
👉🏻Superior Taste: Try JC Mysore Cold Extract Instant Freeze-dried coffee for a taste comparable to freshly ground and hand-brewed coffee.

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The uniqueness stems from the specialty coffee bean used and the cold extraction process it undergoes.

Throughout the process, aromatic compounds are safeguarded by extracting them at low temperatures, typically ranging from 20°C to 25°C, for 8 to 12 hours. Additionally, freeze-drying at temperatures between -25°C to -40°C preserves the delicate taste and aroma molecules.

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Available bean types & processes

Selection 274 India Anaerobic Robusta Naturals, Catuai India Anaerobic Arabica Naturals, Selection 9 India Red Honey Naturals, Heirloom Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Arabica Washed

Pack type

10 X 1 Box, 3 X 1 Box


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